Growing Grass

Service Before Self

We are supporting our community through volunteering time:  On TRAK has  participated where it can in food collections, community cleanups, and and providing food for some of our community.

Good Ol' Fashioned Advice

We'd love to sit and chat with you about life, but time is precious.   We offer free workshops to discuss health and wellness that can help you and your loved ones get going in a positive direction.

Growing Grass

Community Support

We find that our bear sponsorship program provides a multi-fold benefit:

1.  A strong sense of community pride happens with our volunteers and the 1st Responders handing out the bears.

2.  A great sense of appreciation for the act of giving and kindness from the children and their families receiving these gifts.

3.  In these times of constant negative influence by 'the media,' Our Community is starting to see our true heroes (1st Responders), as the caring and helpful individuals they always were.