Q: How does OnTRAK support local children?

A: By supplying new stuffed koala bears for police, fire, and EMT services to carry in order to support children involved in crisis or emergency situations

Q: How does OnTRAK support local community?

A: By volunteering whenever it can to participate in community support events (food drives, community clean-ups, etc.).

Q: How does OnTRAK help First Responders

A:  First Responders qualify for FREE 3D MASSAGEs in our Medical Breakthrough 7 Massage Chair

Q: What else can OnTRAK do for First Responders

A:  Provide access to discounted treatment services when people donate to the Support 1st Responders Fund

Q: How is OnTRAK able to provide all of those benefits

A: Through community support Fundraisers, and by receiving Donations from people in our community just like you